If I sang about lilies would you mind very much
I guess you wouldn’t but hey there you go I don’t know,
so that’s why I ask

You just might think that lilies would rhyme to barbies,
and the next thing you knew was that I introduced you
to my teddy bear and tell you about all the tears that it cried
when I was a child

Now bears they live in the mountains and I
I used to live by the sea in a pancake-flat country
and the sun would sink in a salty sea
and that image contained enough tears for me

But there’s a feeling I get when I look to the east
’cause now that I’ve crossed the ocean
my home is bound to forever be east

And a baby tornado might snatch me before
I can get back to the barbies and the shore
and the lilies that I couldn’t tell you about
would never leave the garden,
they would never end up in my hair